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Transistional Photos of the Transgendered for the Transgendred and Friends

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
transphoto is a community to share your transgendered self with other transfolk and our friends, family, and significant others in a positive and safe environment.

You can post images of your transgendered self pre-op, post, in transistion or just yourself. Relax and have fun!

How to join
Joining is really easy. Just click the join link at the top of the page. Please do not request membership from a "community only" or "voyeur" (i.e. sex) journal. Membership requests from such accounts will be denied. If your journal has no posts visible to our moderators, your membership request will be summarily denied. We know that it stinks, but understand we need something on which to judge your membership request.

  • All posts are reviewed by the moderator(s) prior to community publication. While most posts are approved, the Transphoto moderator(s) reserve the right to reject any post for any reason.
  • If a member continues to submit posts or comments that break the rules below, their transphoto membership will be canceled.
  • The continued existence of the transphoto community operates under the adminstrator's approval. We reserve the right to delete this community at any time, for any reason. Please don't let it come to that!

General Rules
  • Any discriminatory or anti-GLBT comments or posts will result in immediate banning.
  • Reproducing or republishing images elsewhere, unless they're yours of course, is strictly prohibited.
  • This is NOT a ratings community! Please refrain from judging images and subjects on compositional, artistic, or technical means. The purpose of the community is merely to share photos of ourselves. If you want a ratings community, please look elsewhere.
  • Viewing access Because of the nature of this community, all entries have a minimum Friends-only viewing restriction. Please join if you want to see.

Posting Rules
These are here mostly for dial-up users, since images can take quite a while to download, so try to follow them. The rest relate to non-"work safe" images.
  • Image sizes and lj-cuts: You can include one image of no more than 600x600 pixels uncut -- any posts submitted that are uncut will be summarily rejected!!! All other images should be under an lj-cut. After that, you can have as many as you want.
  • Try to keep each image less than a 800 pixels wide, and under 150k each.
  • Nude Imagery: Keep in mind that this community has members under 18, tasteful or artistic nudity is allowed with administrators' discretion.
  • Sexual Content: Please refrain from posting images of sexual activity, or sexual organs. These do not qualify as "artistic nudity" in the moderator's definition and are inappropriate for our underage members. If you want them, please find or create a different community.