Hungry snail!


"You can post images of your transgendered self pre-op, post, in transistion or just yourself. Relax and have fun!"

Does that mean we can photograph our naughty bits!? Hmm.... useful for finding the best docs I suppose. =)

heh - Hiyah everyone.

Here's me - 30 years old, m2f, transitioning 6 years or thereabouts - I can't remember to be honest, oh and the picture was taken by my snugglyboo!

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That Admin Thing

We've been getting a lot of new members the last month; welcome all!

I've finally gotten around to updating the community profile. Most of the changes reflect how I've been granting membership requests the last few months. I know that some of the requirements seem a little harsh, but I think they are fair considering the nature of the community. 

I think some pathetic effort must be made to protect this community from any malicious users. Many of the rules reflect that fact. The minimum number of posts as well as the legth of membership help to deter (in my mind, at least) people from creating a false account just to hassle the community.

The birthday year requirement reflects an issue that nezchan brought up on mtf_undressed. Appearently LJ has been disbanding communities that share nude pictures that do not enforce their members be at least 18. If, however, we decide to drop trading such images on this community, I will drop the 18 year-old requirement.

Lastly, the old poll that I used to determine memebrs has been discontinued. LJ has since implemented a much better moderated membership system. I have been using that system alone for months and it works spectacularly.